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Three issues you can find physical therapy for in Jacksonville, NC

Physical Therapy Jacksonville NC

Like most other places, Jacksonville, North Carolina, is full of people who are dealing with injuries and other sources of pain. You’re probably looking for help with your painful issues if you’re one of those people. 

You wouldn’t be alone in that either. Medical research shows that 50% of Americans who are between 18 and 65 have a painful musculoskeletal disorder. This type of disorder also affects about 75% of U.S. residents over the age of 65. 

Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for many of the musculoskeletal disorders that affect people in Jacksonville. 

Three musculoskeletal disorders you’ll find physical therapy for in Jacksonville

  1. Motor vehicle accident injuries — A motor vehicle accident can take a huge mental and physical toll on you. A physical therapist can help you find ways to address the pain caused by injuries you develop during a car accident. For instance, they can help treat common auto accident injuries like whiplash, fractures and herniated discs. 
  1. Work injuries — People with both physical and nonphysical jobs can develop work-related injuries. Muscle strains are common among those who have jobs that require lifting and moving heavy objects. Office workers may develop issues like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Local physical therapists can determine what type of work injury you’ve developed, help you treat it and get you back to work. 
  1. Arthritis — The odds are very good that you know at least one person who has some form of arthritis. One reason for this is that medical researchers predict that there will be 67 million Americans with arthritis by 2025. Some of the types of arthritis that you can find help for in Jacksonville include: 
  • Knee arthritis.
  • Hip arthritis.
  • Hand and wrist arthritis.
  • Elbow arthritis.
  • Ankle arthritis.
  • Shoulder arthritis.

Find physical therapy for these and many other issues at Peak Performance in Jacksonville

Not sure where to turn for physical therapy in Jacksonville? Our team at Peak Performance Sports & Physical Therapy has clinics in Jacksonville and south Jacksonville, and we can help you address a wide range of painful musculoskeletal disorders in both locations. 

You can start by coming in for a free screening to determine the cause of your pain. Then, our physical therapists can construct a treatment plan that’s specifically personalized to your needs. You can even sign up to work with our team from home via virtual therapy sessions. 

Contact us today for more information about all the services we offer at our Jacksonville clinic or to schedule an initial appointment.