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Three reasons you developed elbow pain from sleeping

Elbow Pain From Sleeping

There is a much higher likelihood of developing elbow pain than you may think. One study found that up to 7 in every 1,000 people develop pain on the outside of their elbow. Learning the cause of your elbow pain from sleeping is the first step toward treating it, and physical therapists can help you learn the cause of your pain. In addition, they have the ability to effectively treat your elbow pain

Common reasons you feel elbow pain from sleeping

Sleeping isn’t an activity that most people associate with elbow pain. In fact, sleeping is supposed to help the body heal and recover from pain. Yet there are certain issues that can trigger elbow pain from sleeping. A few of the most common of these issues include: 

  • Elbow osteoarthritis — Like every other joint, the cartilage in your elbow can wear out over time. Wear and tear in your elbow cartilage that triggers inflammation is called elbow osteoarthritis. The pain this condition causes can be worse when you first wake up. This is because your arthritic elbow can stiffen up while you’re sleeping. 
  • Poor sleeping position — Many people sleep on their side with their arm bent under or over their head. Unfortunately, this sleeping position can be problematic for your elbows. This specific position can put additional strain on the outside of your elbow. In turn, being under this strain for hours every night can lead to elbow pain in the morning. 
  • Ulnar nerve entrapment — The ulnar nerve runs through a part of the elbow called the cubital tunnel. This narrow passageway and the lack of soft tissue around it can allow the ulnar nerve to be pinched or irritated. Ulnar nerve entrapment tends to cause pain in the elbow that runs down into the hand. This pain can be increased if you sleep with bent elbows at night. 

How can physical therapists treat your elbow pain?

Physical therapists can do a lot to treat elbow pain from sleeping. In fact, many of the therapy techniques these specialists use can help address elbow discomfort. Some techniques your therapist may use to help you are:

  • Manual therapy designed to decrease pressure on the ulnar nerve. 
  • Therapeutic exercises that can help improve joint flexibility and lubrication. 
  • Ergonomic training intended to help you find better positions for your elbows while you’re sleeping and working. 

Peak Performance offers top-notch treatment for elbow pain from sleeping

Tired of waking up with elbow pain from sleeping? Our physical therapists at Peak Performance are ready and willing to assist you with your pain. We offer free screenings designed to pinpoint the cause of your elbow discomfort. Our team is also adept at creating therapy plans that are unique to each patient’s needs. Even better, you can sign up for a virtual therapy appointment with us and address your pain from home. 

Contact us today for more information about our elbow pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment.