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What to do for neck muscle tension in Winterville, NC

Neck Muscle Tension

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), neck pain could affect up to 71% of adults at some point. This means that anyone living with neck muscle tension and pain in Winterville, North Carolina, is definitely not alone. One step you can take to begin treating this tension is to learn more about it. 

What causes neck muscle tension?

Tension is the state of being stretched tight, and this is an issue that can be found in many people’s neck muscles. In many cases, the neck muscle tension is the result of a sports injury. It could also be caused by a car accident injury, such as whiplash. For other people, poor head and neck posture is increasing the tension in their neck muscles, and this is typically the result of being slumped over a computer or cell phone for multiple hours a day. Even teeth grinding and other jaw issues like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction can cause neck muscle tension.

Why should neck muscle tension bother you?

There are many reasons neck muscle tension should be something you’re concerned about. For one thing, increased tension in your neck often leads to other more painful problems. Some of these issues include: 

  • Bulging or slipped neck discs
  • Daily tension headaches
  • TMJ dysfunction

Neck muscle tension can make it much harder to do normal daily tasks. For example, it can be harder to turn your head with tense neck muscles. This can affect your ability to drive, and it can even make tilting your head up to put in your contacts more difficult. High neck muscle tension can cause spasms in the neck muscles, and just think about how hard it would be to concentrate on work or leisure activities with your head randomly jerking around. 

How can Winterville, NC, residents treat neck muscle tension?

In some cases, neck muscle tension can be reduced with rest or taking a hot shower or bath. For other people, treating the root cause of tension in this area may require visiting a physical therapist. 

Peak Performance has a clinic here in Winterville that can be your go-to place for treating conditions that cause neck pain and tension. We’ll have you go through a one-on-one screening with one of our therapy experts, and they’ll confirm the root cause of your neck issues. Then, our team will build you a personalized and multifaceted treatment plan, and your plan may include therapy techniques like: 

Are you tired of living with chronic neck muscle tension and pain? Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.